Scarf in a Scarf Kit

$ 64.95

The Scarf-in-a-Scarf is a unique Knitting Kit. The 100% Silk Scarf is dyed side by side with the yarn to create a perfect match in the color. The scarf is easy to knit. After the scarf has been completed, the hand painted silk scarf is then threaded in and out of the button holes (from the side of the scarf and then up through the next button hole like a “whip stitch”).

This creates a beautiful candy cane effect between the knitted yarn and the silk. The user can tie the ends of the silk scarf in lots of different ways according to what they like the best. Experiment and have fun with the many combinations of ways to wear this scarf.

The free pattern comes with three more options to create this Scarf-in-a-Scarf, including matching fingerless gloves, crochet, etc.

Yarn Details:

by HPKY (Hand Painted Knitting Yarns)
60% Silk, 40% Merino


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